July, 2011

Tornados hit East Nashville in the late 1990s and knocked down anything natural and wooden, and so there's precious little left here in the way of shade. We've had some trees planted, but they take a while to grow up…

March 8

Lots of good stuff going on while I'm sitting here waiting for the other shoe to drop.
Apparently, Eric Brace and I are playing shows this month with Todd Snider, Dan Navarro and... gulp... Country Music Hall of Famer…

Chart Madness

Tom T. Hall once said that music awards involved finding out you were in a contest you didn't realize you had entered, then being disappointed when you found out that you had lost.
Music charts can be like that…

Oct. 11

Just home from a fun run up to Staunton, Va. and Huff's Church, Penn. with duo partner/pal Eric Brace. Allow me to explain a little about the misery of the road. We had to get up early Friday morning to…

Early October

Finally fall. Autumn, that is. Golden leaves. Amber liquor. Guitars and airplanes, Packers football and post-season baseball. All good. Summer was hot and hard and long, and no one shall weep for its passing. 

In Nashville, we had three…