March 8

Lots of good stuff going on while I'm sitting here waiting for the other shoe to drop.
Apparently, Eric Brace and I are playing shows this month with Todd Snider, Dan Navarro and... gulp... Country Music Hall of Famer Tom T. Hall. Check the "Dates" page for more information. We're with Snider in Greenville, SC, with Navarro in the DC area and with Tom T. at the Bluebird Cafe in Nashville. 
Those of you who show up super-early to my shows (thank you!) know that most nights I sound check with John Prine's "Souvenirs." Prine's songs contain so many lessons, chuckles, tears and smiles, and I'm really looking forward to playing those shows and to watching three nights of John Prine and his great band in concert.
We've been piecing together plans for the late May launch of "I Love: Tom T. Hall's Songs of Fox Hollow," an album that features many great artists (I've gotta check with our biz-peeps before revealing the names of all our wonderful collaborators). In the 1970s, Tom T. did "Songs of Fox Hollow," which stands as my favorite album of children's songs, and last summer we all hung out at his house (it's called Fox Hollow) and recorded this tribute. There are plenty of photos up on Facebook if you want to check it out (and see the folks involved).
What else is happening? Well, I'm watching spring training baseball games on television, helping to raise a kid who is cute enough to call my paternity into question, occasionally hosting and performing on the Music City Roots radio show in Nashville (, writing for The Tennessean, teaching a country music history class at Vanderbilt, touring and trying to write a few new songs in the midst of all of this.
How are you? Hope you're well.
-Peter Cooper

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