From the recording Red Beet Records - 2008


By Kris Kristofferson (Combine Music Corp., BMI)

Kris Kristofferson’s parents were disappointed when he decided to ditch his career as an educator and military man in favor of becoming a songwriting bum. They figured that with his intelligence and fortitude he should have at least been secretary of state or something. Turns out he was--and is--a whole lot better than that. During his early Nashville years Kristofferson often thought of turning tail, and we figure this song to be an autobiography of his imagined retreat. Is it our favorite? Man, choosing a favorite Kristofferson song is like choosing a favorite lottery win. This one may, however, be our favorite Dave Roe bass line on the album. Roe came to Nashville to play with Kristofferson’s old pal, Johnny Cash. Just one more wondrous thing Cash brought forth unto this, our music city.