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  1. Lucky Bones

From the recording Red Beet Records - 2008


By Jim Lauderdale (Wudang Mountain Songs, SESAC, admin. by Bug Music)
& Eric Brace (Dry Diggings Tunes, BMI) & Peter Cooper (Well Known Music, SESAC, admin. by Bug Music)

Eric and Jim wrote the bulk of this late one night, somewhere in New Jersey after a wedding. Peter’s two cents came later, since he wasn’t invited to the wedding. We started trying to count, but finally just looked up the “206 bones” thing. Kenny Vaughan, who plays guitar as naturally as some folks check a pocket watch, shines on this one. We were into the last afternoon of tracking, sitting around thinking that we needed “Kenny Vaughan” parts on “I Know Better Now” and “Lucky Bones” and wondering who we might call to play such parts. Peter had the brilliant suggestion, “Well, we could call Kenny Vaughan.” Kenny picked up his end of the phone, and showed up soon with guitars and ideas. Our bones are lucky to reside in Nashville, Tennessee.