1. Take Care

From the recording Red Beet Records - 2008


(Peter Cooper) Well Known Music/SESAC/admin. by BUG Music

It’d be nice to live fast, love hard and not die young. This song is about Townes Van Zandt, one of the absolute greats. He sang one that went, “Won’t you lend your lungs to me? Mine are collapsing.” And he was dead serious. Todd Snider is also sometimes dead serious, and he plays the crazy harp on this one. I met Townes on several occasions, all of them woozy. The first time I met him, I was young enough to ask for an autograph. With a shaky hand, he signed, “Take Care.”


Yeah, I met him, but I never knew him
I like that song about “Won’t you lend your lungs to me”
I heard him sing it one night when he was too messed up
To remember most of the words
After the show, if you could call it a show
I watched a man walk up to him and say
“Let me tell you, I love what you do”
The singer said, “That’s good, you’re one of the few”

Take care
Take care
Take care

Couple weeks later, in the record store
I saw one of his sitting in the used bin
I picked it up, took it to the counter
I was thinking ‘bout the man singing “Won’t you lend your lungs to me”
I drove on home, opened it up
Inside the jacket, written with a shaky hand
A little prayer, offered for a stranger
Tell you what it said, it said, “For Jerry”

Take care
Take care
Take care

He was hot on the trail of a cautionary tale
A stumbling scarecrow, way beyond the pale
Blew it all off for the sake of the song
The song goes on but the man didn’t last long
I got two lungs, I must attest
I’m gonna hold ‘em pretty close to the vest
No way to sing unless you inhale, exhale
Tell the world he tried, the only thing he failed to do was

Take care
Take care
Take care